Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Violence and Your Vehicle | Joe & Tony's Service Inc.

Violence has been a part of our consciousness lately. The photo presented here is an example of how gunshots can wreak havoc on a vehicle. What are pictured here are a radiator, AC condenser and a valve cover removed from a 2006 Ford Escape with a 3.0 litre engine. The vehicle came in overheating and losing motor oil.  Our staff being familiar with the CSI TV shows and a  hole in the bumper cover led us to the diagnosis.

Sure enough we followed the trajectory of the entrance wound all the way to the valve cover. It took faith in us on the part of our customer since we could not predict the ultimate damage that had been done to this vehicle until it was pretty much back together. Amazingly, the bullet (which was never found) missed the cooling fan blades and hoses among other possible obstructions and we were able to stand behind our original estimate.

We never really learned the circumstances surrounding the reasons why the Escape was exposed to gunfire and really didn't care to know. Unlike most auto failures, when you really can't get enough information, this was a rare case in which less background was better.

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