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Keeping Track of Your Car with Your Senses | Joe & Tony's Service Inc.

Not every automotive diagnostic tool comes with an expensive price tag or an instruction list that requires an engineering degree to decipher. Especially for consumers whose involvement will end when they drop the vehicle off for repair, the most important tools are their senses. Relying on what you see, hear, or smell in describing your automotive concerns is always the best first step in getting your car or truck back to its reliable self.

Sight - Describing what you see in very specific terms makes diagnosis much easier. If it is a fluid leak, note the color, location and when during the driving cycle it appears. If a part doesn't seem to line up right or appears to be leaning be sure to mention it. Inspect your tires for foreign objects like nails, screws and shards of glass or pointy stones embedded in the tires. Occasionally check your lights for burned out bulbs.

Hearing - Clues to what is wrong with your car often come through your ears. From the rapid ticking of a turn signal indicator to the high pitched squeal of a brake pad sensor, sound is your friend when it comes to problems with your vehicle. Describe to the best of your ability the type sound you hear and when you hear it during the driving cycle (Starting Out, Accelerating, or Cruising).

Smell - Everybody knows what un-burned or raw gas smells like. When you smell that odor around your vehicle you should be very concerned. Whether under the hood or externally from a fuel line or a tank, dripping gas represents a clear and present danger and should be resolved immediately. You should never smell exhaust fumes inside your vehicle. If your exhaust system leaks exhaust fumes can migrate into the cabin. There have been press reports of children being overcome from breathing fumes when they fell asleep in the back seat of a car stuck in traffic. The lack of vehicle movement increases the danger, so assume that the resolution of exhaust fumes is a high priority.      
Damaged Honda Odyssey Motor Oil Pan
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