Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Vehicle Conditions That You Can't Tolerate | Joe & Tony's Service Inc.

We would like to see you always respond to deficiencies in your vehicle. That's what we do- make those things right. However, we do understand that there is competition for your available funds and that sometimes auto repair and servicing must take a back seat to  a clogged sewer line or moving expenses. But sometimes you must push car problems to the top of the list or take it off the road.

So when do you have to make a choice between getting your car fixed and walking to work? Please understand that this is not an all-inclusive list, but rather some problems that you may experience and not realize their gravity.

  • Fuel Leak- The odor of fuel must be tended to immediately. If it's under the hood there are numerous sources of ignition ranging from the heat of the engine to hundreds of electrical connections. If it's an exterior leak the ignition could be almost anything in the nearby environment.  
  • Bald Tire- Driving on a badly compromised tire is like walking around with the pin pulled on a hand grenade. It's only a matter of time before something is going to happen and it can't be good. Bulges in tires, visible steel cord, ply separations and smooth tires should all trigger the same sense of concern.
  • Flashing Check Engine Light- The Malfunction Indicator Lamp or Check Engine Light is designed to illuminate when a diagnostic trouble code is set in your vehicle's Powertrain Control module or computer. If the light is on constantly it's important to know the cause, but if it begins to blink you should pull over and get the car towed. The higher level of concern that is represented when the light begins to flash could mean that damage to the engine is imminent.
  • Low Oil or High Temp Indicator- The low oil light is signified by an oil bottle. When it lights up, safely drive to the side of the road or to a service facility and check and add motor oil before resuming your trip. If the "Hot" light comes on or the temperature gauge goes up to "H" you must stop driving the vehicle and get it towed. The mechanical consequences of running a car while hot far exceed any inconvenience that might be incurred.
There are more instances when vehicles should not be driven, many of which are signaled by  noise or visible evidence such as a leaking fluid. The point is that care should be taken to be aware of what's going on with your vehicle and respond accordingly. 

Bald Tire with Cord Showing on Edges


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