Friday, March 30, 2018

How to Get Under the Skin of Your Auto Technician | Joe & Tony's Service Inc.

Every profession encounters consumer quirks that frustrate the practitioners and auto repair technicians are no different. In spite of the popular perception that the industry is only interested in selling unneeded services in an effort to boost ticket size, most auto repair shops are competent and honest. However, that isn't to say that there are not certain car owner practices that get under the skin and elevate the blood pressure of mechanics. Here are some of the big ones!

  1. Giving incomplete or false information about the problem with the vehicle
  2. Not disclosing that another repair facility has previously worked on the same problem
  3. Failing to provide the wheel lock socket needed to remove your vehicle's wheels
  4. Not preparing for the auto repair visit by removing excessive trash from the vehicle
  5. Bringing your vehicle in for repairs with very little gas in the tank or with expired tags
  6. Requesting additional service after the previously requested work has been completed
  7. Asking that used parts be used to repair your vehicle
  8. Not responding to update calls from service writers thus holding up the repair 
The main concern of the auto technicians who I know is getting the car or truck repaired right the first time. Sometimes they are the bearers of bad news for which they are not responsible, but the information is associated with the experience and makes the perception of the episode similar to a dental visit. By avoiding these auto repair-consumer pitfalls you may stay on the right side of the person servicing your vehicle. 
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