Friday, October 25, 2013

A New Meaning for a "Flat" Tire | Joe & Tony's Service Inc.

The tire pictured below shows a very strange wear pattern. Yes, that is a flat spot in the middle of the tread. You might ask how that could happen since as you know tires are round and are meant to roll down the road. So how did this tire become flat in one spot?

Customer concern- The car owner explained that a neighbor responded to noises coming from the vehicle and observed that the right rear wheel was not turning. Not deterred the driver continued to perform errands and eventually the noise subsided, but the Buick Century was left with a thumping sound which resulted in a trip to our shop.

Road test - Our technician took a very short road test since the vibration in the car was so severe that he thought it was unsafe to test extensively.

Inspection - The nearly new right rear tire was worn almost to the steel cord. The removal of the right rear brake drum revealed an extreme accumulation of rust which necessitated the replacement of the drum. The thumping noise was a result of the tire's flat spot contacting the roadway with each revolution of the wheel.

Conclusion - The replacement of the tire and brake drum resolved the problem. Sometimes it's not advisable to set the emergency brake, especially when a vehicle sits outdoors for extended periods, which was the case here.  It's notable that one of the errands that the owner completed while riding on the compromised tire was to the state run inspection lanes where the vehicle was approved for two years.
Flat Spot in Tire
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