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What is Important In Auto Repair | Joe & Tony's Service Inc.

Auto repair is like a lot of industries- there is substance and there is noise. As a consumer you enhance your position if you can cut through the noise and get to the meat of the matter which in this case is the care of your vehicle and the treatment that you receive as the consumer. So here is our evaluation of things you might experience in an auto repair encounter with a numerical value (1 to 5) assigned to each, A five signifies the most important.

The Provider (5) -  In whose hands you decide to entrust your $30,000 vehicle is a major decision. The insurance industry says that the facility has the "care and custody" of your auto while they repair it, so make sure it's someone that deserves that responsibility. There are many sources for advice in making that decision, so just recognize the magnitude of your choice.

The Price (1) -   Some clarification is needed here. Of course the price you pay is important, what we're talking about is advertised prices for specific services, which are intentionally meant to bring in vehicles so they can be picked apart by personnel and sold other services - think UPSELL.

The Warranty (3) - The reason this is not rated a "5" is that the guarantee is only as good as the selling shop. If you have faith in the provider then the warranty becomes of the utmost importance. Over time, knowing what warranties are in effect on parts installed on your car can save you a lot of money. Keep good records, inquire about the warranty at installation, and always refer back to your invoices when a certain part is found to have failed.

The Promise (5) - An auto repair is basically a contract. You commit to paying for a fix and the shop represents that their diagnosis is true and accurate and will be completed on schedule. The fulfillment of the promise is the best indicator that you're in the right place to spend your auto repair dollars. For sure, things can rapidly go south after the repair and price are settled upon, you need to make sure that the explanations are just that and not excuses.    .
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