Friday, November 8, 2013

Is the Cheapest Price Always a Bargain? | Joe & Tony's Service Inc.

A customer who owns a picture frame shop once said to me, "The consumer who solely shops for price, in the end, doesn't get a bargain." It took a while before his words made sense to me, but now I think I understand what he meant, which is the genesis for this post.

Issue - There are three major consumer concerns in auto repair - integrity, competence and price. The first two will have to wait for another time - price is the topic at hand. It's not unusual for consumers to call multiple facilities for prices on everything from tires to water pumps, which is totally understandable in today's environment and is what I do when I'm considering home improvements. However, should price trump all other considerations when it comes to your car?

Relationships - You should strive to make your service facility aware that your are committed to their business and in return you should expect that they would reciprocate by paying extra special attention to your needs. What does that mean? Some examples would be:
  1. The offer of advice free of charge
  2. Tending to your needs without an appointment whenever physically possible
  3. Minor fixes (Light Bulbs, Tire Repairs etc.) without an appointment
  4. Being the steward of your vehicle information and not selling or divulging it to others
  5. Transparency in all matters pertaining to your vehicle
Conclusions - The need to find the lowest price usually precludes the ability to nurture a arrangement that rises above that of service provider and client. Beyond the benefits listed above it would not be out of the question that a shop would, for example, take a ride with you to isolate a troublesome noise prior to a trip or maybe even scan for a Diagnostic Trouble Code free of charge. That is, of course, if it perceives you as someone who is committed to patronizing their services.

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