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Rating Your Auto Repair Facility | Joe & Tony's Service Inc.

If you rely on reviews to choose the shop that repairs your vehicle, you can understand the need to offer feedback about your experience. It is about paying the system forward whether it reflects positively or negatively on your provider. So here are some areas that we believe are fair game for evaluation.

General business practices - This covers everything from phone etiquette to honoring your privacy. Are you getting what you tend to expect from any business? Are they responding to your inquiries promptly and explaining the services that your vehicle needs in easy to understand terms? Did you have a good feeling about the experience and were your needs met?

Accuracy of diagnosis - This is the big one and of course the reason why you are there in the first place. If the shop fails to meet your expectations or if it met and/or exceeded them then comment is appropriate. The question is whether your concern about your vehicle has been addressed and resolved to your satisfaction.If, however, you arrived at the facility for a tire repair and the shop was the bearer of bad news and could only offer a replacement, this is not their fault and doesn't merit a negative review.

Resolution of problems- When you are working on a machine as complex as an automobile, there will be times that the fix does not work out on the first attempt. This, in itself, is not grounds for trashing the shop in the form of a negative review. There are, however, some things that we feel that you should expect when you are returning for the same problem. First is that the shop should treat your return as a priority and be willing to revisit your repair as soon as is convenient to you. The shop should also be willing to "work with you" to arrive at a mutually agreeable resolution.

When repairs go south everyone becomes stressed out, if the repair facility is making an earnest attempt to resolve the problem, a negative review should not be used as leverage to pressure the facility. Likewise, a shop should not offer incentives for positive reviews beyond the way they treat each and every patron.          

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