Friday, April 25, 2014

Joe & Tony's Hosts Tire Care Clinic | Joe & Tony's Service Inc.

On April 12th we hosted an auto care clinic focused on tires. The event was co-sponsored by the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. and the Money School. There were about fifteen attendees and the two hours were very informative.

Kevin Fritsch, a Goodyear field sales representative, discussed Basic Tire Knowledge from tire inflation to the advantages and disadvantages of run-flat tires. The discussion generated numerous questions form the participants which served as a springboard for an in-depth consideration of recognizing issues with your tires and knowing when to investigate, repair or replace.

TPMS was of interest to all who attended. Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems have been required original equipment since the 2008 model year. We talked about the history of TPMS, how the systems work and the pluses and minuses in terms of convenience and cost. The need to use plastic tire caps and to avoid the use of fix-a-flat was also covered.

Patches vs Plugs - The importance of inspecting the inside of a tire that is losing air was stressed. The superiority of an inside patch/plug combination over a string type plug that is installed from the exterior of the tire was demonstrated with a cross-section of a tire which showed the two methods.

More to Come - We hope that this is the first of many efforts to inform you about your vehicles. We believe in transparency and the idea that in auto repair knowledge is power.
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