Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Auto Maintenance On The Fly | Joe & Tony’s Service Inc.

Some car owners have a distorted outlook on car maintenance. An owner of an Audi A4 came in looking for MobilOne synthetic motor oil, the car was in the driveway and was very low on oil. We quizzed the owner with our litany of questions in an effort to disclose her root problem: any signs of leakage, how long since the oil has been changed, is it making noise? Nothing conclusive was revealed from that exchange and the conversation drifted to the cost of the oil – $11.00/quart. Whether it was safe to drive the car to a service facility  with just two quarts of oil in the crankcase and have the oil and filter changed seem to be one concern and also an alternative. But in the end the owner decided to buy five quarts and skip the oil change???

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