Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Auto Repair Shop Red Flags | Joe & Tony’s Service Inc.

Maybe a friend recommended a shop or you just moved to the area and you decided to try a repair facility for a minor repair, so how can you use the experience to know whether you should continue to patronize the business?
Believe it or not there are some signals that are evident at the repair shop that, if you heed them, can reduce the chance that you might have a bad experience. First, if the shop asks for a deposit on work to be performed you are definitely in the wrong place. As long as your car is worth more than the projected cost of the repair, there is no reason you should have to advance funds to the repairer. It could be a sign that the operation is underfunded.
Judge the condition of the shop in a similar way that you might with any other business that wants your dollars. Is it clean and orderly? Is the staff genuinely interested in solving your problems? Do they adhere to deadlines, promises and estimates.
For a more detailed consideration of this topic see   How to Know You have Chosen the Wrong Auto Repair Shop.

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