Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Some Info About Brake Rotor Replacement | Joe & Tony’s Service

We operate in an open environment with the idea that in auto repair knowledge is power. So here is our position on the replacement of disc brake rotors when performing brake jobs.
The reason we’re stating this upfront is that  some commentators judge  a shop’s veracity based on their use of new brake rotors. We consider the real test of a successful repair to be your satisfaction, so in the interest of efficiency and quality we will “in most cases” suggest the replacement of the front rotors when we replace pads even though they might be candidates for resurfacing. Since the price of new rotors approximates the cost of having an experienced staff member resurface the rotors we elect to advise replacement rather than machining.
What this does for us and you is to result is a brake job that we can stand behind regardless of the issue including noise or feel. We do not insist on this approach for the rear brakes as their performance with regards to these considerations is not as rotor crucial.

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