Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Timely Timing Belt Replacement | Joe & Tony’s Service Inc.

While car makers may be moving away from the use of timing belts, choosing  timing chains instead, we still have a huge number of vehicles that drive the timing function with a rubber component rather than steel. So the importance of staying on top of your timing belt replacement interval and how your engine is set up is still crucial.
The first step is to determine whether your vehicle has a free wheeling or interference engine. You can look up the timing belt needed for your car and usually that information will be supplied or just ask the service location that you’re planning to use for the work. This information will determine the how damaging the failure of the belt would be to your engine. Cars with interference engines are at risk of extreme engine damage if the belt fails. This is not the case with free wheeling motors- a lot of inconvenience but usually no damage.
Next determine the recommended replacement interval for your vehicle in both miles and time. The information is in the owner’s manual. It might say 105,000 miles or 84 months. Whenever you need to replace the water pump it usually makes sense to replace the timing belt and whenever it is suspected that the belt has been exposed to any leaking automotive fluid it’s replacement should be considered as well.
Protect your investment – stay informed about your timing belt.

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