Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Unusual Inter-Related Failures | Joe & Tony’s Service Inc.

Recently, a Nissan Versa with a pesky TPMS or low tire light highlighted just how obscure some fixes can be. Some time ago we had one that we could not resolve, the inflation in the tires was fine but the customer would report that the light would come back on especially on trips. It would flash and then light up continuously.
When the second Versa came in we uncovered a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) which had been published since the first Versa graced our facility. The TSB listed some qualifying conditions and then outlined the driving scenario that would cause the TPMS light to come on. The driver would have to be travelling at about 65 MPH for 15 minutes or more with the blower motor on the high fan setting.
Now for the punch line! The fix is to replace the blower motor. This is why technicians have trouble sleeping at night. There is no way that anyone would look at the blower motor as the culprit not to mention how costly it would be to duplicate the driving conditions that would produce the failure.

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