Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Free Info Isn’t Always Good Info | Joe & Tony’s Service Inc.

There are many auto service businesses that will scan your car’s computer for free to determine the reason the check engine light is illuminated. These include AutoZone and AAMCO transmission. The reason for this offer is of course the ability to sell you some service or part that may correct the underlying problem.
A recent customer encounter illustrates the pitfalls of using this approach to diagnosis. A car owner came in after having a family member who works at AutoZone scan her Ford Taurus for Diagnostic Trouble Codes. What came up were codes relating to the O2 sensor and an engine miss. The customer asked for a labor price for the sensor as well as spark plugs and ignition wires. She had purchased the parts.
To make a long story short the underlying problem was a fractured piece of PCV hose costing $35 – no sensor, no wires, no plugs needed.
Even free is not always a bargain.

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