Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Intermittent Problems – Two Views | Joe & Tony’s Service Inc.

There isn’t a more drastic letdown as when a technician is pumped up about checking out a problem on a vehicle and the complaint can’t be duplicated. Maybe it is a no start or the car will not stay running for the customer, but when the tech turns the key it works perfectly.
What is the next step? It could be to repeatedly try to make the vehicle act up or possibly hooking up what technology is available to the vehicle and monitoring its performance in real time. Sometimes these approaches don’t work either.
Back at home or work the car owner is thinking that finally that nagging car problem will be resolved and the concern over the performance of the vehicle will be in the past tense. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way.
So what is the answer? The customer may need to pay extra special attention to when the condition arises – engine and outside temperature, if it occurs after long or short trips and how long the vehicle is idle. The technician, on the other hand, may be saddled with the contents of his or her mental and virtual toolbox and of course their enthusiasm for the job.

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